Hershey Announces NHL Partnership with 150 pounds of chocolate

Now this is how you announce a new partnership.

This morning, my son was reading the newspaper and said, hey mom, did you know about the chocolate Stanley Cup trophy? There it was, in the sports section of our local daily newspaper (the only section he reads by the way). I wasn’t paying much attention, in my rush to get us out the door for school.

Only later in the day did I see the announcement myself. Ok, now granted, Hershey is mostly about fun, I mean to the target audience, what is bad about chocolate and candy. What is nice about this announcement of their three year sponsorship agreement with NHL Canada, is that they made it interesting to the fans. They are opening the door to more fun ideas (how about design goalie masks out of twizzlers?). So, what would have been maybe a few lines at the bottom of the page, turned into a photo opportunity. Hey Hershey, my kid wants to know where he can get one of those chocolate Stanely cups.